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Production of asphalt mixes in 2019


In Slovenia in the previous year (2019) asphalt production took place in 18 asphalt plants and 1.91 million tons of hot asphalt mixtures were produced. This is  6% less than in the year 2018. The largest producer last year reached production of almost 300,000 tons, five producers produced between 150 and 200,000 tonnes, two between 100 and 150,000 and the other eight under the 100,000 tonnes. The amount of last year-built asphalt mixtures is slightly higher than produced, since the smaller portion of the asphalt mixture is supplied last year from nearby asphalt plants from neighbouring countries. The quantity, close to two million tonnes of total annual production or installation, is one that ensures the proper upgrading and maintenance of road infrastructure in the country.

For the production of asphalt mixtures, approximately 1,495,000 tonnes of carbonate, 285,000 tonnes of siliceous stone fractions and around 88,000 tonnes of bituminous binders were consumed in Slovenia in 2019. Of which 69,500 tons of road and 18,500 tonnes with polymers of modified bitumen. According to the consumption of all bitumen in 2019, the share of the modified bitumen amounted to around 21% and increased significantly compared to the previous year.

The largest share in total production represents the asphalt mixture AC surf (852,000 tonnes), followed by AC base (750,000 t), AC bin (182,000 t), SMA (112,000 T) and PA (13,000 T). The lower proportion of asphalt mixtures was produced at a temperature below 150 °C. These are the so-called hot asphalt, which were about 1,400 tons and the good 900 tonnes were produced after a cold procedure at a temperature of 50 °C.

Picture 1: Production in Slovenia 1999-2019

For European countries, we have data for the year 2018 obtained and published by the EAPA. In comparison with year 2017, asphalt production increased by almost 3% and amounted to 240.5 mio tonnes in the EU-28. In all European countries together, including Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, 298 mio tons were produced, comparable to 2017. This was the fourth year of the series when the growth of asphalt production in Europe was recorded. Among all countries, the most asphalt was produced in Turkey 41.7 and in Germany 41 Mio tonnes followed by France with 35 Italy 26, United Kingdom 22.6 and Poland with 19 Mio tonnes of annual production. Our neighbouring countries produced; Austria 7.5, Hungary 4.7 and Croatia 2.5 mio tonnes of asphalt.

United States produced more than in Europe - in 2018 production reached 353 mio tonnes.


Picture 2: Production in EU  1999-2018



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