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Production of asphalt mixes in 2018


According to the data obtained from the Slovenia asphalt pavement Association in 2018 we produced 2,03 million tons of hot asphalt mixtures, which is 13% more than in 2017. We do not have the exact data on the total quantity of embedded asphalt mixtures, but the figure is still a bit higher, since last year some hot asphalt mixtures were supplied from asphalt plants from neighboring countries.

The increase in production was becouse of the increased investments by DARS and DRSI in the restoration of state roads and the economic situation in the country. With this, production also achieved the target of two million tons of total annual production, which ensures proper maintenance and renovation of road infrastructure in the country.

In the year 2018, approximately 1.550.000 tons of carbonate, 350.000 tons of silicate stone fractions and about 96.000 tons of bitumen binders were used for the production of asphalt mixtures. Of this, 79,400 tonnes of road-building bitumen and 16,600 tonnes of modified bitumen modified polymers. The share of modified bitumen, according to the consumption of all bitumen in 2018, was around 17.3%.

The largest share in the total production is AC surf asphalt mixture (937.855 tonnes), followed by AC base (796.878 t), AC bin (180.965 t), SMA (102.409 t) and PA (10.945 t). Again, in one of the plants, the production of cast asphalt began, and some producers also introduced the production of warm (below 150oC) cold (below 50 ° C) of asphalt mixtures.

Also in Europe, asphalt production increased in 2017 by 3.13% in the EU-28 to 233.9 million tons and by 5% to 296.7 million tons in all European countries, including Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. This was the third year in a row when the growth of asphalt production in Europe was recorded. In 2017, Turkey became the first in terms of production (46 million tons + 16% compared to 2016), followed by Germany (42 + 2%), France (33.7 + 0.3%), Italy (23.7% , Great Britain (22.7) and Poland (19). Looking at our neighbors; Austria (7.4), Hungary (2.6) and Croatia (2.2) million tons of asphalt produced in 2017.

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