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Waterproofing Section

  • mag. Ravnikar Turk Mojca - head
  • Bašelj Roman
  • Cotič Zvonko
  • Ferlič Stojan
  • Fortuna Irena
  • Križaj Samo
  • Naglič Olga
  • Rozman Marko
  • Šuštaršič Miha
  • Zavodnik Metod

• Acquaintance with novel materials and new manufacturers on the Slovenian market,
• Acquaintance with, and implementation of European standards, mainly in the field of waterproofing of bridging objects and other pavement surfaces,
• Consideration of Slovenian technical documentation in the field of waterproofing and its adaptation to the European legislation,
• Harmonisation of test methods,
• Organisation of cyclic analyses,
Dealing with incoming materials for waterproofing and production,
• Quality control of materials and HI installation,
Coordination of testing procedures, equipment calibration and circular analysis,
• Activities related to the preparation of technical regulations,
• Promotion of organizing trainings, publishing...

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