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Title award of ASPHALT AMBASSADOR and other recognitions

Bled, Slovenia, 30th November 2017 - 16th Colloquium, Gala Dinner.

The Management Board of ZAS has decided to award the successful individuals who have proven with their work and expand the mission of the asphalt industry and the organization ZAS, Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association and to give the title of:


The first Asphalt Ambassador, to whom we give this recognition, is:



PRIMOŽ PETRIČ is an asphalter in the true sense of the word. As an engineer of construction machinery and later as a construction technician, he met with this branch in a large international company, where he mainly carried out operational work on the ground. The above-mentioned works and his entrepreneurial skills pushed him to go on his journey in 2006. He founded MAPRI, which, as its primary goal, has set itself to become an established and quality asphalt company.
After 11 years of activity, we can find that his dream has become a reality. MAPRI has established itself as an excellent asphalt company that realizes projects from idea to final implementation.
The creator of these ideas is Primož Petrič, who long ago surpassed his entrepreneurial role and established himself as a reputable expert and manager with numerous proposals made in the narrower and wider social environment.
Based on his proposals, the Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association is better and more efficient. This year for instance, we have, based on his proposal issued a brochure on the dimensioning of dormant road surfaces. For several years, he has been active in the work of the Managing Board of the Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association and in the proposals that he gives to the clients.

For his very rich contribution to the promotion and development of the asphalt industry in Slovenia we award him with the title of  ASPHALT AMBASSADOR.

From left: Roman Bašelj, Primož Petrič, Dean Donko and Markus Spiegl. 


Roman Bašelj is a construction engineer who started his career in the hospitality industry. Even though he was well-placed as a waiter, he wanted more. He started at the GGD Laboratory where he got acquainted with internal quality control. At the invitation of Igmat, Institute for Building Materials, he continued his work with them. While working there he graduated and became head of the bitumen department.
Roman is a committed member of ZAS, Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association, where he is proving himself by working in professional committees and organizational activities. He is active in the preparation of technical specifications, professional papers and lectures on education. In recent years, he has contributed a lot of papers to the colloquium and the education courses.
For his contribution to the development of pavement in Slovenia, ZAS awards him a SPECIAL RECOGNITION.


Markus Spiegel made his Ph.D. at the Vienna Technical University, and got to know the secrets of bitumen and asphalt from the excellent working team. In the company, where he is employed, he is in constant contact with the asphalt profession in Europe, as well as in Slovenia. He is active as a consultant, and in the international sphere he is included in discussion of strategic thinking of the development of the branch.
Together with ZAS he is the creator of The Workshop on Structural Design of Pavements, which we have already presented in 2008, 2012 and 2016. And with that, the basis for a successful event, which will be organized again in 2018 in the Czech Republic, have been set.
Markus is a regular guest at the ZAS events, where he has in the last few years presented number of quality technical papers.
For his contribution to the development of pavement in Slovenia, ZAS awards him a SPECIAL RECOGNITION.


University graduate Dean Donko has been working with pavement throughout his career. He started in the construction company, continued in asphalt, and for many years now has been the director of TAP, the Pomurje Asphalt Factory, which, together with other asphalt plants in the system, is the largest asphalt producer in Slovenia.
Dean has been a member of the ZAS Board of Directors since 2011 and has been a member of the Technical Committee for 15 years. He is active in the preparation of individual events, educational conferences and training courses, where he has repeatedly proven himself by preparing professional contributions.
Dean Donko encourages professional work both in his company and in the operation of ZAS, which is why the Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association awards him with a SPECIAL RECOGNITION.

From left: Kristjan Mugerli, CEO of Kolektor CPG, d.o.o., Damir Topolko, Director of the Slovenian Infrastructure Agency, Roman Bašelj, IGMAT-Institute for Building Materials, Primož Petrič, Director of Mapri Proasfalt  d.o.o., Dean Donko, Direktor of TAP, the Pomurje Asphalt Factory, Markus Spiegl, OMV Austria and Slovenko Henigman, President of ZAS.

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