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Asphalters Day 2016

Jezeršek Academy, Zgornji Brnik, 30th November 2016

Every other year The Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association ZAS, between the Colloquium on Asphalt and Bitumen, organizes Asphalters Day. This year, sixth in a row, was held on 30th November 2016 in the pleasant surroundings of the Academy Jezeršek in Zgornji Brnik. The main event was a meeting of the representatives of the Enterprises and Companies Committee, before that event other committees and sections operating under the ZAS also met.

In the afternoon session we were presented with three lectures. The meeting ended with a joint dinner and a conversation in a cozy atmosphere. Over 50 members of ZAS have gathered together with other invited guests.

The program is shown in the table below


Sektion or Committee

Head or presented by

Number of    atendees


Education Section

Marjan Marolt



Waterproofing Section

Mag. Mojca Turk Ravnikar



Technical Committee and

Health, Safety and Environment Committee

Janez Prosen and

Mitja Čotar




Bitumen and International Project FunBitS

Asphalts with pre-bitumnizirami nets for reinforcement

International Worshop - Sizing of the Pavement Structures,

Graz, 7th November 2016

Dr. Marjan Tušar, ZAG

Christian Vodrazka, S&P

Simon Žiberna (GI ZRMK) and

Matic Poznič (DARS)



Enterprises and Companies Committee

mag. Slovenko Henigman


Reports on Individual events

Education Section

Meeting of the section, which was this time held without the head of the section (Ms. Cezar was absent due to illness), was led by Marjan Marolt and was intended to prepare the training of technical personnel asphalt in 2017. The focus was on some of the topics that would have to be addressed on education course.

They are mainly:

  • - Adequate project and tender document preparation
  • - Quality of works carried out (quality control, renewing and transfering knowledge)
  • - Racionalization of the project implementation using new technologies (recycling, warm asphalt ...)
  • - Transfer of knowledge between generations
  • - Terminology in the asphalt business (use of the Slovenian language and labeling of the asphalt mixtures)
  • - Installation of asphalt mixtures (bases, flatness, joints, ...)
  • - The causes of defects and injuries at work in the road usage
  • - A comprehensive review of the asphalt pavement technology (asphalt mixture for heavily used roads to asphalt mixtures for less busy roads - differences in the design of asphalt mixtures and application of input materials)
  • - Logistics in implementing the asphalt pavement works
  • - How to maintain the condition of asphalt pavement staff at all levels at these prices, the state of the profession?

It has been suggested that the training is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical, as the tour of the laboratory and it is organized, as usual, by regions. The meeting has been attended by 11 members of the section and other invited guests.


                                                                                             Meeting of the Education Section  

Waterproofing Section

At a meeting of the Waterproofing Section the members of the section and the rest (9 in total) discussed the modernization and implementation of technical specifications and guidelines for the implementation of waterproofing works.


                                                                                                Meeting of the Waterproofing Section 

Joint session of the Technical Committee and Health, Safety and Environment Section

At a joint session of the TC and HSEC meeting, 24 representatives of the committees atended. They discussed the changes in the technical regulations brought about by the introduction of the new product standards. Below is a schedule of implementing standards, firstly the translations of the standards must be prepared and then national standards or supplements.

This was followed by discussion of the content by Technological elaborates and incentives for the re-use of asphalt and other technologies (warm asphalt, drainage asphalts, asphalts for heavy traffic loads and asphalts for stationary traffic, for which ZAS is preparing recommendations).

Head of TC Janez Prosen informed the atendees of the current topics dealt with by the Technical Committee of the European Association EAPA.

On the meeting a number of questions arose concerning the operation of the expert Commission for asphalt at DARS. Halting of thr work in recent months is incomprehensible and inadmissible, therefore it is necessary to carry out interviews with those responsible at DARS and re-start the work.

At the work session intended for OZVO the head of the committee presented the current developments in the field of health care and the environment in EAPA. These are: carbon footprint in the production and installation of asphalt; rolling resistance, which in cooperation with the automotive industry testing different asphalt layers; green public procurement; silica dust and Asphalt advatages campaign which EAPA and Eurobitume implemented the promotion of asphalt at all levels.



                                                                                                          Joint TC and HSEC session

Proffesional lectures

Three lectures were presented as follows:

Dr. Marijan Tušar has in the paper entitled Bituminous specifications that are functionally related to sustainability presented the international project FunBitS. By analyzing the available data and new investigations the participants in the project have been looking for correlations between the properties of asphalt mixtures and bitumen characteristics. A review of more than 1,000 studies many correlations have been found and confirmed. The most appropriate test methods of bitumens associated with each of the investigated properties have been defined:

  • - Complex modul of rigidity,
  • - MSCR test for lasting change,
  • - BBR test for the occurrence of cracks at low temperatures,
  • - Linear Amplitude Sweep Test for fatigue.

Christian Vodrazka from the Austrian company S & P presented the advantages of reinforcing mesh reinforcement in the carriageway construction made out of carbon or glass fibers. Developed materials and technology that allows the resurfacing of a thickness of only 2.5 cm above the bitumen before bituminized carbon mesh. Therefore, this technology is particularly welcome in areas where upgrade is impossible. They also have very good experiences in high traffic areas such as airports, harbors and heavily used roads.

Simon Žiberna and Matic Poznič (DARS) presented an International Workshop on the Dimensioning of Pavement Structures, which took place on 7th and 8th November 2016 near Graz, Austria. Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association was, together with the association from Czech Republic, organizer of the workshop, which has been attended by eight countries. Slovenia was at the workshop represented by 8 atendees, two papers were presented, work was carried out in individual groups. The conclusions of the workshop presented by the referents were:

Traditional workshop every 4 years

  • - Joint Expert tasks - implementation of dimensioning on the same data
  • - The method of dimensioning in more advanced countries:
    •         - numerical modeling
    •         - packages for dimensioning
  • - safety factors to predict the traffic load - use the WIM
  • - develop and apply models calculated LCCA
  • - New models of degradation of asphalt layer on the basis of the dynamic properties
  • - Implementation of asphalt works in optimal conditions


ECC meeting

The ECC was attended by 35 representatives of the Enterprise and Company Committee, and other members of ZAS. The meeting was led by the President of the Association, Ma. Slovenko Henigman. The meeting was held according to the following agenda:

  1. Review of the initiatives of meetings from past years
  2. Overview of the ZAS activities in 2016
  3. Education Session of 2016 and objectives for 2017
  4. Information on the production reached in 2016
  5. The quality of asphalt pavement works in 2016
  6. International activities and cooperation with EAPA
  7. Suggestions and proposals for future work
  8. Other

Document of individual points is shown in the attached presentation, suggestions and proposals of the members of the ECC are shown in the minutes of the meeting.

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