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ZAS with EAPA in European Parliament

Meeting in the European Parliament (Breakfast Debate)

in Brussels on 17 November 2016

A. Breakfast Debate


Host: Mr. Wim van der Camp, a member of the European Parliament and member of the TRAN Committee.


-        Ismail Ertug a member of the European Parliament and member of the TRAN Committee.

-        Representatives EAPA Eurobitume and UEPG


EAPA was presented in the introduction, EB has also presented some perspectives and are as follows:

Transportation is the foundation for the success of the European economy. By 2050  transportation of goods will increased by 80%, passenger transport by 50%. Growth needs trade and trade needs transportation. Investments in transportation infrastructure are important in reducing CO2 emissions by 60% by 2050.

EAPA presentation focused on the activities that the industry can offer, such as:

  • Technology:

-        Recycling on all levels, up to 95%

-        The reduction of CO2 in both: transport and production,

-        The use of "high tech" equipment and IT technology for paving.

  • We need a good (better) system for the tender (contracting)

-        To implement the available innovations,

-        For the construction of asphalt roads in a sustainable way,

-        To show what we can do.

In the discussion different views were exchanged. EP representatives expressed their satisfaction with the new information. They will ensure familiarize all members of the Committee on Transport and members of EP. We need more meetings and exchanges like this.

Photo 1: Meeting of the European Parliament members with representatives of EAPA, Eurobitume and UEPG


Photo 2: Wim van der Camp and Ismail Ertug, European Parliament members

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