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International workshop on pavement design




Pregled trenutnih in prihodnjih praks za dimenzioniranje voziščnih konstrukcij

Review of current and future practice for pavement design

Date and location:    

Monday, 7th November 2016 | LARIMAR Hotel

A-7551 Stegersbach at GRAZ, Austria


Organised by: 

ZAS, Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association & Czech Asphalt Association in cooperation with OMV Refining & Marketing (Sponsor)


The workshop was attended by 45 participants from the following countries: Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. Introductory speeches were presented by: Mag. Slovenko Henigman (President of ZAS), Petr Svoboda (Director SPVS) and dr. Markus Spiegel (OMV). This was followed by the presentation of 13 papers presented by representatives of individual countries. First the existing practice was presented and then the objectives for the future. Current state of the pavement design and views of the future in Slovenia was presented by Mag. Mitja Jurgele. Contribution presented by Mitja Jurgele was made in the working group, which was set up under the auspices of ZAS and are the following:

Mag. Mojca Ravnikar Turk, ZAG

Mag. Julijana Jamnik, CESTEL

Mag. Mitja Jurgele, DRI

Matic Poznič, DARS

Aleksander Ljubič, IGMAT

Simon Žiberna, GI-ZRMK

Zvonko Cotič, STRUCTUM

Mag. Slovenko Henigman, SLOMAN in ZAS


 The working group met at several meetings and has also drawn the following conclusions of the workshop: 

1.     Workshop on the pavement design was for the first time held in 2008, 8 years prior, as an internal event in Slovenia. Four years later followed the second workshop with international participation in Ljubljana. Due to the large interest we have, in cooperation with the Czech asphalt association (SPVS), under the auspices of OMV, organized the 3rd workshop. A real desire exists, and also the need to become a traditional workshop and takes place every 4 years. ZAS gave the initiative to hold the next workshop in the Czech Republic or in Spain during the next E & E Congress.

2.     The need for the implementation of a more uniform procedures for dimensioning in Central Europe led to performance of specific professional tasks during the workshop. The first such task performed is to compare the results on the same data for dimensioning.

3.    When designing the uncertainty of predicting increases in turnover during the project period should be taken into account, so a proposal for safety factors has to be made. More emphasis should be given to the calculation of the traffic load, taking into account the actual axle load of freight vehicles and weighing systems for commercial vehicles in motion - WIM systems.

4.     We all note that the road does not behave as predicted - to consider whether to focus on real models of degradation (fatigue, cracks). In the process of designig it is necessary to consider the criteria of the dynamic properties of asphalt mixtures such as stiffness, fatigue, formation of ruts, indirect tensile strength and resistance to low temperatures. It is recommended that the tests are carried out on aged asphalt mixtures.

5.     When deciding on the best technologies it is necessary to develop and apply models for calculating the costs over the entire life period (LCCA – Life Cycle Cost Analyses).

6.     The introduction of packages for the design should be examined again, contractors should consider the possibility of alternative pavement structures, based on the calculation and are during the time of tender supplied by providers (good practice by Asfinag).

7.    Clients should be interviewed so implementation of the asphalt is transferred to the middle of the year, when the conditions are best. In recent years, work to accumulates at the end of the year, when weather conditions are not appropriate, contractors have too much work, so it can not be optimally performed. Similarly is with the work at night or in the rapid permitting roads into circulation when it is necessary to be as well organized and use the available technologies to facilitate  easier pving (TAZ, warm mix asphalt, etc.).





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