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20 years of ZAS

Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association in 20 years, gathered 12,000 participants

"What is 20 years compared to 3000 BC when natural asphalt was used for the first time in the construction of roads in Mesopotamia? Since then, this material, which is the oldest construction product has changed and is upgraded and enforced to this day", has addressed the participants of celebratory event marking the 20th anniversary of the Slovenian Asphalt Pavement Association (ZAS) at Jable Castle the President of the Association Slovenko Henigman.












Udeleženci prireditve, Jable Castle                                          



  Predsednik ZAS Slovenko Henigman 

Twenty years, 120 different events with more than 12,000 participants from Slovenia as well as abroad, 468 papers, 50 publications, bulletins and professional materials, three books on asphalt, more than 700 international participants who prepared and presented 143 papers - these are numbers, which marked 20 years of professional and non-profit association of road-building experts and firms operating in the field of asphalt pavement. "The figures prove that with our activities we have shown all key actions associated with asphalt industry, upgraded the importance of quality road construction and pointed out to the need to invest in the development and maintenance of Slovenian roads. Our activities have lifted the asphalt industry to a higher level, so that today we can justifiably speak of the asphalt industry in Slovenia," emphasized Henigman.

Minister for Infrastructure, Dr. Peter Gašperšič has described ZAS as a generator of development activities and, inter alia, said: "At the ministry, we have prepared a medium-term plan for the development of transport infrastructure by 2030, in the final stage there is a six-year operational program, which takes into account the golden infrastructural rule." According to him, the petrol cent  is not in sight at this moment, regardless for this year and next year there is plan to ensure 100 or 115 million euros for capital road maintenance. After this period, funds will be increased to 150 million euros and more, in order to begin to reduce the deterioration of the road network.

Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Prof. Dr. Matjaž Mikoš has stressed that the asphalt industry needs excellent professionals across the entire spectrum in addition to the knowledge gained in school industry also requires specific knowledge that can be provided only by them. This is the role provided by ZAS, who was invited to further integration with the universities. He suggested that we should enroll in faculties in ZAS.












Dr. Peter Gašperšič                                           



  Dr. Matjaž Mikoš 

According to the Secretary General of the European Asphalt Paving Association (EAPA) Egbert Beuving  Slovenian asphalt industrywill have to seize the opportunity and open the way to environmental and sustainable technologies that are used by the developed world more and more. "Technologies such as the re-use of asphalt, warm asphalt mixses and less noisy asphalt, have been already tested in the experimental fields and simulated tests in the laboratory. For general use, we propose the preparation of the program, the realization of which will enable you to begin the full usage, "said Henigman. That the future lies in new technologies and their application, has also agreed a representative of the largest producer of asphalt in Slovenia and CEO Pomgrad d.d. Igor Banič who stressed: "The future lies in cooperation, integration and synergies."

After the boom in construction and asphalt industry up to 2008 difficult years for the industry followed, when the top five producers of asphalt - of the eight largest - went out of business. "We can be proud that the situation in the industry has not transferred to ZAS, which in this period has proved its robustness, even strengthened and enabled companies a platform where they could cooperate and integrate," said Henigman.












Egbert Beuving                                          



Igor Banič


To stabilize the situation, the introduction of the Golden infrastructure investment rules, advocated by ZAS is the key. "The golden rule means a stable budget, at least a five-year sliding plan and steady investment in roads and railways. It is the key to development of the industry, not only asphalt, but also all other, and it is a condition that ensures that such a bad situation will not happen again," said Slovenko Henigman.

During a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of establihement a new book Asphalt 3 has been presented and awards have been given, the cultural program was followed by socializing. The event was hosted by Tilen Artač.












Presentation of the book ASFALT3, Aleksander Ljubič                                         



                         Host Tilen Artač 











Award Recipiants                                       



                         Socialising after the main event

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