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Expert meeting on "PmB BITUMEN QUALITY AND CURRENT TOPICS" and 20th General Assembly

Expert Meeting

On Thursday, 11 June 2015, the business house UNIJA held ZAS conference on the topic of quality PmB bitumen and current topics. The conference was attended by 67 representatives of legal and individual members and invited guests. The meeting was honored by introductory speech mag. Darja Kocjan, General Director of Infrastructure at MZI and Assoc. prof. dr. Peter Lipar Head of Traffic-technical institute of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana. 


Introductory speaches

Mag. Darja Kocjan, General  Director of the Directorate for Infrastructure MZI

She pointed out the importance of asphalt pavement association's work in difficult economic conditions. Activities of the Ministry of Infrastructure go in the direction of providing the resaurces by which it will be possible to systematic build and above all to maintain the road infrastructure. In preparation of and before the inter-ministerial coordination of the legislation to establish the so-called road fund to which the ministry wants to establish later this year. That will be a very positive impact on the construction industry and also asphalt business. She wished all participants a successful and enjoyable work.










mag. Darja Kocjan






Assoc. Prof. dr. Peter Lipar Head of Traffic-technical institute of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Congress of Road and Transport, where his optimism  was completely "disarmed" by the Prime Minister, this time prof. Lipar very strongly highlighted the problem of roads. Lack of funds for the development of road infrastructure in our country is very critical and at the edge of sustainability. "How is it possible that the state can not provide 4 million for the organization of a major artery into the capital city from the direction of Škofljica?" He asked. It is a road which has about 20,000 ADT's where at the peaks all is still and for the country limited funds are unsolvable puzzle. The situation at the University is similar, where enrollment in the Civil and Geodetic Engineering Faculty in recent years, is at a record low. Because of that we can no longer remain silent, those responsible must not be too comfortable because of pleasant work. He called that we should be more active, otherwise nothing will change.






 Peter Lipar





Expert Presentations

The characteristics of the polymer-modified bitumens present on Slovenian market according to laboratory aging

Mojca Ravnikar Turk and Aleksander Ipavec, Head and Deputy Head of the Laboratory for asphalt and bitumen products, ZAG Ljubljana

Ga. Mojca Ravnikar Turk presented the results of long-term and short-term aging of polymer-modified bitumens that are avaliable on the market. Unfortunately, at  a given situation only three types of bitumen could be obtained, one of them has been modified with rubber, other two with polymers. The tests were conducted in laboratories at ZAG, which is equipped for the latest state-of-the-art tests, and were commissioned by DARS. The test results have unambiguously confirmed a wider range of use for modified bitumen, where the results of modifications to the polymers were slightly better. In any case, it is necessary to proceed with these tests to obtain the appropriate data base.









Mojca Ravnikar Turk





A delegation of representatives of the ZAS Expended Management Board in asphalt leading representatives of US asphalt industry (NAPA, Asphalt Institute, PAIKY, LANE Construction, The ALLEN CO)

On the visit to the USA reported:

Mitja Čotar, Director Structum and Roman Bašelj, head of the laboratory at Igmat

Primož Petrič, director MAPRI and Andrej Poglajen, Director TRGOGRAD

Developments overseas were presented from different angles. The delegation visited the most significant asphalt pavement organisations NAPA and Asphalt Institute. The delegation was extremely well received by the hosts as they enabledt tours of laboratories, quarries, asphalt plants and construction sites.

Čotar: Thicknesses of paved asphalt in the US are incomparable with us. Reaching up to 15 inch or 36 cm. Recently they started to optimize or reduce the thickness, as the crisis also did its own. Pavement constructions have taken an important place in the United States and reached indefinite life with "Perpetum Pavements" to achieve long-term sustainability, only the wear layer of asphalt is replaced. In the US, much of competition is between black and white program, wherein the major proportion has the asphalt program (about 10 to 20 the concrete, and 80 to 90 the asphalt).

Poglajen: They presented continuous production of asphalt plants, which achieves significantly higher production, which is a fundamental difference between Europe and the United States. Primarily, we were going to see the production of warm asphalt mixes that unfortunately have not been presented. However, we have been told that  the expected amount of adding a standard milling residue is up to 40% of the mixture.

Petrič: In the US everything is so easy. They do not complicate where there is not needed, they are targeted and staring at the result. Installation of asphalt is quick, easy and very effective. If anything goes wrong, they remove and replace. Their machinery settings are simple, focused on daily use. Some solutions will immediately be used in his company.


Bašelj: Laboratory has been established at each plant, and plays a very important role st this type of production. Tests are not made for themselves, but are made to help them improve. The equipment is not necessarily the newest, but it is functional and it is focused on the result. There are many preventive orientations on the health and safety of workers.










Mitja Čotar




Roman Bašelj











Primož Petrič




Andrej Poglajen


Construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure in Slovenia - Where are we and where are we going?

Slovenko Henigman, Sloman, mag. Vekoslav Korošec in mag. Jože Renar, both GZS

Slovenko Henigman, President of ZAS has in the professional article "Construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure in Slovenia - Where are we and where are we going?", presented uneven investments in construction and transport infrastructure. That activity has led to an unenvious chaotic situation. Based on the analysis made on investments in transport infrastructure and comparisons with neighboring Austria he has submitted a proposal that it is necessary to immediately stop improper practices and ensure a stable investment plans in each transport sector (roads and railways). He suggested the introduction of so-called "GOLDEN RULE" of investments in transport infrastructure, that mean steady investments over a longer period of time. To this end, he proposes a double effect of sliding, at least 6-year investment plan in roads and railways. Only then will the industry (engineering, design, construction unit, suppliers, institutes and others) allow stable operating conditions, the country will be able to count on a constant contribution to economic growth.






Slovenko Henigman





20th ZAS General Assembly 










The meeting was attended by 50 members of ZAS. Working Presidency Borut Willenpart(BGR Engineering d.o.o.) president and Mojca Ravnikar Turk (ZAG) and Dean Donko (POMGRAD) as  membes.

The Assembly included an overview of work in the last year, including all financial statements and views of the work in future. Despite the difficult economic situation, the association also fulfilled the tasks set last year and financially operated positively. The main emphasis of the work in the previous year are as follows:

  • • Membership is stable, positive trend.
  • • Performance was above the plan and positive.
  • • In terms of content, we realized all the set goals, sometimes we have problems with the provision of interlocutors, which would assert the changes to the development and progress.
  • • We successfully highlighted some technical topics, we are expanding the circle of partakers.
  • • We have ensured optimal number of events
  • • We have underlined the importance of international cooperation (such as the US, intensive cooperation with Gestrata (A) and other federations and associations

8 decisions were unanimously accepted, there were no additional suggestions or comments. Cherry Festival has moved to Ljubljana this year. The host was Kristjan Mugerli (CPG), who promised that in the future we will meet at the seaside again.

The event, which was moderated by Jožica Cezar and Tadej Lamut, ended with a pleasant socializing of members.










Programme hosts Tadej Lamut in Jožica Cezar














Socializing at the end of event 





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